[Arm-dev] weston and chromium

Trent trent at lindows.org
Mon Dec 10 19:03:11 UTC 2018

You can download the source code of those applications, compile them, 
and run them on your ARM device.

With that, how about a little on politics?

How about *NO* for including Chromium?

Reason is, a lot of people now, for some reason, using Chrome based 
browsers despite being resource hogs, and data collectors for Google. 
Just recently, Microsoft announced they are giving up on their own 
browser web engine, and going to start putting Chrome's Blink web engine 
in Edge browser.

This sets a dangerous precedent. This would give Google more even more 
control over the Internet in setting the standards, and data collection 
on everyone.   There are already web standards as set up by W3C which 
will probably be ignored in the near future if things keep going the way 
they are.

On 12/10/18 12:36 PM, Skorpeo Skorpeo wrote:
> Hi,
> What are the chances of getting chromium and weston on aarch64?  They 
> do exist in fedora if that helps or makes a difference.
> Fingers crossed!
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