[Arm-dev] Hardware Giveaway

Mark Verlinde mark at havak.nl
Thu Oct 25 20:06:08 UTC 2018

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Verstuurd: Donderdag 25 Oktober 2018 21:01
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Onderwerp: [Arm-dev] Hardware Giveaway

Ive been meaning to get back to some of my ARM hardware, but inbetween all the work commitments it doesnt look like thats feasible before these ARMs will only be good for the landfill.

So, if anyone here is interested, here is what is up for grabs, for free:

- Toshiba AC-100 x3 (at least one is in its original box)

- Genesi Efika MX Smartbook (in original box)

- Compulab SB-A510+CM-A510 (yup, in original box)

- Compulab TrimSlice (you guessed it - in original box)

All have been used, but are in condition ranging from excellent to mint.

If anyone wants any of these for a purpose better than it gathering dust in their cupboard rather than mine, email me off list with a shipping label for posting from mainland UK, and Ill post it to you.

Best regards.


The SB-A510+CM-A510  is very appealing, but I an afraid it would get the same destiny in my possession...
I'll sleep over it a couple of nights,; if it still buzzes in my head i might take on your offer.

Grtz Mark

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