[Arm-dev] Enterprise distros and the two faces of 'reliability'

Uli Middelberg uli at middelberg.de
Fri Oct 26 19:00:26 UTC 2018

Am 26.10.18 um 18:19 schrieb Fred Gleason:
> Howdy Folks:
> ...
> All of this to pose the question: is an ‘enterprise’ distro (in the
> specific sense meant here) an appropriate long-term choice for an
> ‘embedded’ project? Given the stated intention of the Upstream
> Provider to support only ARM systems that integrate APCI and comply
> with SBSA  [Server Base System Architecture] standards in future major
> releases (see
> https://lists.centos.org/pipermail/arm-dev/2017-October/003120.html),
> is such a distro an appropriate long-term choice for an ‘embedded’
> project?
Hi Fred,

you can run a centos userland on top of almost any kind of
firmware(u-boot)/kernel combination (unless the kernel is not too
ancient). You can find a small how-to document here [1]. What kind of
SBC do you have in mind for your project? Choosing CentOS will give you
some kind of stability and long term support. But you should not expect
to run your embedded project without the possibility to update your
devices. I believe the possibility to manage your devices in a smart way
without touching or visiting them is a key success factor. You might
visit https://resin.io/, their main focus is about managing changes.
They make heavy use of Docker containers, so you might consider to take
CentOS a base image for your Docker based development.       



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