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Douglas E. Hopley Jr.

hopley at f6systems.com
Wed Sep 25 20:42:39 UTC 2019

  I hope your week is going great.

... my  Banana Pi 2M Ultra will not boot (working on getting a refund or a
replacement).   As an aside -- If you have good place to get one let me know

 I do have the rock64, a raspberry pi3 b+ and pi4 b (4G)

 If it would be of value I could turn to one of those.  Let me know if
there is anything specific.  I have the C8 CentOS-8-aarch64-1905-dvd1.iso
and will work on moving that to the rock64.

Else I will hold until I have the bpi, ok?

Thanks for your time

On Sat, Sep 21, 2019 at 6:02 AM Pablo Sebastián Greco <
pablo at fliagreco.com.ar> wrote:

> El 20/9/19 a las 13:41, Douglas E. Hopley Jr. escribió:
> > Good Day , I hope this finds you well.
> >
> >  update - You and exchanged some email  and IRC text in part about
> > CentOS/ARM/UBoot.
> >
> >  I have just received the recommended BananaPi 2M Ultra I ordered and
> > a Rock64 2G
> >   I dug more into U-Boot and am setting up the toolchain (ref =
> > http://opensource.rock-chips.com/wiki_U-Boot)
> > on one of my x86_64
> Ok, the bpi-m2u should "just work" with the images from 7.7, in fact
> those images have the sata patches backported from 4.20 into 4.19.
> Steps are just what is outlined in the wiki
> (https://wiki.centos.org/SpecialInterestGroup/AltArch/armhfp)
> >
> >  I send this message to ask if there is anything specific I  would be
> > of value to help with.  I suspect there
> > is a lot going on (CentoOS 7.7 and 8.x) and know I am a bit of a noob
> > but where I can help I would be
> > glad to do so (with hopefully not being too much burden as I
> > 'bootstrap') .  Does that seem reasonable?
> Once you have that bpi working, and you're familiar with the steps, it
> would help a lot getting that rock64 to work, even with non-standard
> uboot/kernels.
> Once it works that way, we can move on to standard things.
> I can't help much more than that, because I don't have (yet) any aarch64
> socs (ok, I have rpi3b and rpi4b, but assigned to other things).
> >
> >  What is best next step?  Or where, if you would direct me, to look.
> >
> >  Best,
> > Doug
> >
> <snip>
> Pablo.
> P.S.: Don't worry about asking things that you may think are noob
> questions, those are needed to learn ;-)

Douglas E. Hopley Jr.
 email = hopley at ipcloud.net
 url = ipcloud.net
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