[Arm-dev] CentOS - AltArch ; ARM

Pablo Sebastián Greco

pablo at fliagreco.com.ar
Thu Sep 26 10:15:13 UTC 2019

El 25/9/19 a las 17:42, Douglas E. Hopley Jr. escribió:
>   I hope your week is going great.
> ... my  Banana Pi 2M Ultra will not boot (working on getting a refund 
> or a replacement).   As an aside -- If you have good place to get one 
> let me know
Really???, that is strange. not even using the image from the vendor?
>  I do have the rock64, a raspberry pi3 b+ and pi4 b (4G)
>  If it would be of value I could turn to one of those. Let me know if 
> there is anything specific.  I have the C8 
> CentOS-8-aarch64-1905-dvd1.iso downloaded
> and will work on moving that to the rock64.
So, 3b+ and 4b should work with 7.7 (armhfp) using the right images (3b 
even works with the generic image, the same you'd use for the bpi-m2u).
Steps to get the rock64 boot were discussed yesterday in #centos-arm, 
and it would be good to test those steps while you're doing them.
They will be really helpful once I can get some new images for aarch64
> Else I will hold until I have the bpi, ok?
No need to hold, you have plenty to play with already ;)
> Thanks for your time
> Doug
> <snip>


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