[CentOS-announce] CentOS 4 i386 and x86_64 updates

Fri Aug 21 22:35:28 UTC 2009
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

The following updates have been released along with the CentOS 4.8
release (for i386 and x86_64).  Individual announcements will not be
made for these updates.

Advisory	Synopsis				Date

CESA-2009:1218  Critical: pidgin security update	2009-08-18

CESA-2009:1219  Important: libvorbis security update	2009-08-18

CEEA-2009:1214  tzdata enhancement update		2009-08-17

CESA-2009:1209  Moderate: curl security update		2009-08-13

CESA-2009:1211  Important: kernel security update	2009-08-13

CESA-2009:1203  Important: subversion security update	2009-08-10

CESA-2009:1204  Moderate: apr and apr-util security 	2009-08-10

CESA-2009:1206  Moderate: libxml and libxml2 security 	2009-08-10

CEEA-2008:0274  new package: para-virtualized drivers 	2009-08-03

CESA-2009:1184  Critical: nspr and nss security 	2009-07-30

CESA-2009:1180  Important: bind security and bug fix 	2009-07-29

CEBA-2009:1175  strace bug fix update			2009-07-27

CESA-2009:1177  Moderate: python security update	2009-07-27

CEBA-2009:1174  openldap bug fix update			2009-07-23

CESA-2009:1162  Critical: firefox security update	2009-07-21

CESA-2009:1163  Critical: seamonkey security update	2009-07-21

CESA-2009:1159  Moderate: libtiff security update	2009-07-16

CESA-2009:1136  Critical: dhcp security update		2009-07-14

CEBA-2009:1149  rsh bug fix update			2009-07-10

CESA-2009:1139  Moderate: pidgin security update	2009-07-02

CESA-2009:1140  Moderate: ruby security update		2009-07-02

CESA-2009:1132  Important: kernel security update	2009-06-30

CESA-2009:1134  Important: seamonkey security update	2009-06-30

CEBA-2009:1129  lvm2 bug-fix update			2009-06-25

CESA-2009:1125  Moderate: thunderbird security update	2009-06-25

CESA-2009:1127  Critical: kdelibs security update	2009-06-25

CESA-2009:1116  Important: cyrus-imapd security update	2009-06-18

CEEA-2009:1105  tzdata enhancement update		2009-06-16

CESA-2009:1107  Moderate: apr-util security update	2009-06-16

CESA-2009:1100  Moderate: wireshark security update	2009-06-15

CESA-2009:1101  Moderate: cscope security update	2009-06-15

CESA-2009:1095  Critical: firefox security update	2009-06-11

CESA-2009:1096  Critical: seamonkey security update	2009-06-11

CEEA-2009:1086  Updated rpmdb-redhat package		2009-06-09

CESA-2009:1083  Important: cups security update		2009-06-03

CESA-2009:1066  Important: squirrelmail security update	2009-05-26

CESA-2009:0329  Important: freetype security update	2009-05-22

CESA-2009:1060  Important: pidgin security update	2009-05-22

Please see this link for more info about each update:


Johnny Hughes

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