[CentOS-announce] New list: CentOS-Mirror-Announce

Tue May 26 19:38:07 UTC 2009
Ralph Angenendt <ralph at centos.org>


there's a new CentOS mailing list on the block: CentOS-mirror-announce

This list is for announcement from the CentOS team to public mirror admins, 
containing trivia like issues with our mirror network, new releases, 
changes in how we do mirroring and so on.

This list is thought to be for those busy mirror admins, who don't want to
follow the centos-mirror list due to too many postings. CentOS-mirror-announce
is a very low traffic mailing list.

CentOS-mirror-announce is *not* a discussion list.

Mirror admins will still be required to announce their newly created mirrors, 
but if you decide that the traffic gets too much for you, you can subscribe
to the mirror-announcement list.

The mirror list is subscribed to receive a daily digest of
CentOS-mirror-announce, so non-subscribers of the announcement list will not
miss any mails going to that list.

On behalf of the CentOS team,

Ralph Angenendt
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