[CentOS-devel] SPARC build machines perhaps available soon

Sat Aug 27 19:35:33 UTC 2005
Lamar Owen <lowen at pari.edu>

On Thursday 18 August 2005 21:10, Lamar Owen wrote:
> PARI has been donated three large Enterprise servers; an E6500, and E6000,
> and an E5500.  I am in process of arranging shipping and pickup, perhaps
> as soon as next week.  Once delivered, I will be setting these beasts up
> and checking them out, building drive bays, etc.


I have on site now the following beasts:
E6500 w/8 400MHz/8MB cache CPU's
E5500 w/6 400MHz/8MB cache CPU's
E6000 w/10 336MHz/4MB cache CPU's
2x E3500 (336 and 250MHz cpus, on with 6 and one with 4)
E3000 w 6 250MHz CPU's
3x E450 w 2 400MHz CPU's (according to the handbook, these CPU's don't 
exist...501-5239 :-))

A box of what appears to be 400MHz/4MB cache CPU's, around 28-30 in the box, 
along with a pair of the special torque screwdrivers needed to change CPU's 
on the cards.

By cannibalizing the 5500 and the two 3500's, and by going to the 4MB cache 
400MHz CPU's, I can possibly do 24 CPU's in the 6500 (the Sun Enterprise 
EX500 CPU/RAM modules are all the same, the differences between models are 
number of slots and enclosure).  If the box of CPU's turns out to be mixed 
speed, I'd do 14 400MHz/8MB cache CPU's.

I haven't counted RAM yet, but the CPU boards are completely full in both the 
6500 and the 5500.  With up to 4GB per CPU card, 7 cards (2 CPU's per card) 
would work out to be up to 28GB, not a shabby amount of RAM.  But I haven't 
been through all the cards yet to take inventory of the RAM, so it could be 
less than 28GB of RAM.

The drives were stripped, but I also got several interesting rackmount Intel 
beasts with 4-6 18GB SCA drives each; maybe two dozen drives in all; the 
E6500 and E5500 both have a D1000 storedge array (I would take the D1000 out 
of the 5500 and put in the 6500, perhaps).  Would just need spud brackets (I 
have 20+ Ultra 30's that use those brackets....).  The E3500's have the 
standard FC-AL cages, and the E450's have their standard cages (SCSI).

What will possibly happen then would be the E3000 and/or the E6000 would get 
upgraded to the 400MHz CPU's and one or both put online too.

Updates will come once I figure out the RAM and how I am going to configure 
the 6500, which will be after they clear inventory control; it will probably 
be the first week in September at the earliest before I can test powerup the 
6500 or the 5500, since I have to get a 250V 30A socket installed (I 
currently have a pair of 120/208 three-phase 30A sockets under the floor, and 
will have one replaced with a L6-30 instead of one of the L21-30's that are 
there now; have several L5-30's, but have to have 200-240V, not 120V as on 
the L5-30).
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Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute
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