[CentOS-devel] A patched kdepim package(for CentOS 4.2) for CJK user

Mon Oct 31 06:22:05 UTC 2005
dlion <dlion7000 at gmail.com>

Hi, all

  I have build a patched kdepim package for CJK user. More
specifically, Knode is patched to support locale-dependent groupname

  CJK means Chinese, Japanese and Korean. They all need multi-byte

  A RFC requires that all newsgroup groupnames are encoded in UTF-8.
Most newsreaders under UNIX are designed this way. But due to Microsoft
products' feature(or call it bug), locale-dependent groupname encoding
is the de facto standard in some CJK area.

  This package changes knode's behavior from UTF-8 to locale-dependent
encoding, and will be helpful to CJK users. Non-CJK users probably will
not need this package. And this package replaces the official kdepim
package. Therefore, I think this package should go to centosplus

  The knode patch is not written by me. I only build this kdepim
package. It is from a chinese Linux distribution called Magic Linux. You
can get the original patch from


The original package is GPLed. So this patch is available under GPL.

  I, and some other users, have tested this patch, and it works.

  I hope this package can be merged into the CentOS
repository(centosplus directory).

  And, I do not have a stable and secure space to store this package, I
request a space(for example, a ftp account or a web space) at least
15M bytes large,  so I can upload the SRPM.