[CentOS-devel] 3.6 Delay?

Mon Oct 31 20:03:53 UTC 2005
C.M. Connelly <cmc at math.hmc.edu>

What's the status of CentOS 3.6?  Red Hat released their update 6
to RHEL 3 on September 28.  I updated our RHEL box a couple of
weeks ago and things seem to be running acceptably well.

The last thing I see in the archives is Johnny Hughes talking
about mirror load from October 13 (and pointing out that the 4.2
release was well within the two-week time limit promised in the
CentOS FAQ; the 3.6 update has clearly missed that deadline).

I;m not expecting anything earthshaking in 3.6, but I am curious
about whether the delay is due to no one remembering to flip the
symlink or something more serious.

If you need more testing, let me know and I can update some of my
lab machines manually and listen for complaints.

In any case, your work is much appreciated, especially as it's
allowed me to stick with a Red-Hat--based distro and not redo all
the work I'd done to handle installs.


  Claire Connelly                              cmc at math.hmc.edu 
  Systems Administrator                          (909) 621-8754   
  Department of Mathematics                 Harvey Mudd College
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