[CentOS-devel] kernel-*-devel and yum updates for CentOS-4.x

Fri Oct 27 10:30:04 UTC 2006
Ralph Angenendt <ra+centos at br-online.de>

Johnny Hughes wrote:
> -----------------------------------
> Note: This is my attempt to solicit input for package changes from the
> public and not make unilateral decisions and push them with only the
> developers present.
> If there is no discussion of this item on this list by non-centos
> developers, then I will revert back to making bug changes based on only
> what the developers think :P
> Therefore, the people who want input into how packages are updated need
> to speak up.

So where are we now with this bug? Leaving it as it is doesn't look like
an option, we had so far one person favoring changing the kernel and the
 rest looks a little bit indecisive :)

So are there any more opinions on this bug (especially from non-centos



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