[CentOS-devel] How can I search in bugzilla.centos.org ?

Sat Apr 21 20:09:02 UTC 2007
Roger Peña <orkcu at yahoo.com>


I was trying to find if someone reported a litle, very
litle, bug in yum.conf file

but I could not see how to make a search in centos
bugzilla page :-(

the litle bug is, probabily reported, that distropkg
is set to redhat-release insted to centos-release,
like this:

BTW, I am exploring centos5-x86_64 :-)
I forgot to mention it in my previous mail

also, it would be nice if anaconda fail more polite
when it can't find 'groups definitions' in the repos
files, right now it just make a break with a "send a
bug report" messages and abort instalation.

I know that should not happen but .... sometime do :-)

I notice that when I try to make an instalation via
http but creating the repos with creatrepo command in
centos-4.4 (not using the dvd iso, just copying the
rpms and creating the repo), I forgot to create the
groups, so the instalations fail over and over againg
until I realize what was the problem, sadly I had to
go over and over again through all initial steps

I know that is not a bug, just a RFE but ...


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