[CentOS-devel] XFS module ... big troubles

Tue Apr 24 08:40:36 UTC 2007
Gernot Stocker <gernot.stocker at tugraz.at>

On Tuesday 24 April 2007, Jim Perrin wrote:
> Okay. Why are you rebuilding, rather than use the already compiled
> version in the repository?  

Especially with such crucial things like kernel I like to be able to react on my 
own if there are arising security issues not fixed by the upstreram distro in 
time. Therefore I like the idea of at least beeing able to rebuild the kernel 
on my own if I have to.

> While you should in theory be able to rebuild the module and have it work 
> just fine, sometimes there are issues with the build environment that are 
> difficult to track down. 

That's strange because  we didn't change anything regarding the build environment. 
It is a plain Centos 5 installation from scratch using the DVD iso image. Beside 
some configuration regarding iptables and NFS service NOTHING was been 

> Do you get the same results with the precompiled modules? 

I will try it tomorrow evening because we need the image server today for a bunch 
of new installations. Luckky us that ext3 is working ;-) As soon as the student rooms 
are installed I will test the precompiled module and come back to the list with the 

> I don't use xfs that extensively on i686 hardware because I don't
> trust the 4k stack limitation issue, but a quick run-through with the
> pre-built modules, and I don't seem to have this issue.  (moved a
> bunch of copies of the centos-5 dvd around, on and off the fs,
> md5suming each time)

That doesn't make me feel better ;-)  We wanted to migrate a machine with 
almost 7000 user homes on XFS to CentOS 5 and I'm now a "little" bit scared 
unless we can't track down the problem.

Thanks for your hints,
Gernot Stocker,
Institute for Genomics and Bioinformatics(IGB)
Petersgasse 14, 8010 Graz, Austria
Tel.: ++43 316 873 5345
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