[CentOS-devel] XFS module ... big troubles

Wed Apr 25 20:39:16 UTC 2007
Gernot Stocker <gernot.stocker at tugraz.at>

Hi CentOS-dev team, 

On Tuesday 24 April 2007, Gernot Stocker wrote:
> > I don't use xfs that extensively on i686 hardware because I don't
> > trust the 4k stack limitation issue, but a quick run-through with the
> > pre-built modules, and I don't seem to have this issue.  (moved a
> > bunch of copies of the centos-5 dvd around, on and off the fs,
> > md5suming each time)

1.) I unloaded the xfs modules, removed the selfcompiled xfs- module rpm and 
installed the binary package from devs.centos.org.  It was loaded with:

Apr 25 21:15:30 sz-linux02 kernel: SGI XFS with ACLs, security attributes, realtime, large block numbers, no debug enabled
Apr 25 21:16:46 sz-linux02 kernel: SGI XFS Quota Management subsystem

2.) I created with "mkfs.xfs /dev/md10" a new filesystem on the softraid mirror and mounted it
Apr 25 21:16:46 sz-linux02 kernel: Filesystem "md10": Disabling barriers, not supported by the underlying device
Apr 25 21:16:46 sz-linux02 kernel: XFS mounting filesystem md10
Apr 25 21:16:46 sz-linux02 kernel: SELinux: initialized (dev md10, type xfs), uses xattr

3.) I'm able to reproduce the same behaviour of corrupted XFS filesystem as I got 
with my self compiled package by just copying bigger files onto the xfs volume. The 
copyied  files are corrupted (the md5sum gives a different result) and hava size between 
10 MB and 3 GB. Finally "xfs_logprint /dev/md0" results in:

>Bad log record header
>    data device: 0x90a
>    log device: 0x90a daddr: 57062816 length: 55720
> Header 0x4 wanted 0xfeedbabe
> **********************************************************************
>* ERROR: header cycle=4           block=45454                        *

Gernot Stocker,
Institute for Genomics and Bioinformatics(IGB)
Petersgasse 14, 8010 Graz, Austria
Tel.: ++43 316 873 5345
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