[CentOS-devel] Re: logged in sessions - was CentOS 5 ArtWork

Mon Jan 15 20:38:02 UTC 2007
Jason_Meers <Jason_Meers at mv-online.co.uk>

>> 2) If you look at the way remote desktop(vino-server) and vnc work it is
>> impossible to remote control the session if the machine is not already
>> logged in (the session doesn't exist). Some dirty workarounds do exist
>> i.e the machine uses gnome session, but vnc uses a kde session to avoid
>> various conflicts.
> I have to disagree. I have a couple of servers that only boot to a level 3
> login screen, but I can use vnc to these servers with no problems. The local
> terminal rarely gets logged into unless I am using the CDrom drive to load or
> fix something. The vnc service does log in to a user account, but you can fix
> it to work off xinetd, and block it from being accessed from outside.

Ok your right.

If you can run in runlevel 3 all the time and never need the graphical 
environment for backup, management or configuration tools you will never 
have a conflict between a local gnome session and another gnome session 
used by vnc. Your solution works perfectly well here.

However if you need to be able to provide a graphical session at the 
console and a graphical session through vnc, the possibility for a 
conflict still does exists. In this situation pauls xorg-vnc suggestion 
would seem to be the answer.

I will test both methods this weekend and write up a howto for the wiki.

If Paul and Scott have anything they want to add, please mail me off 
list with the details and I'll follow your instructions on a clean 4.4 
box. If I get chance I'll compare xrdp too.

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