[CentOS-devel] CentOS 5 ArtWork

Tue Jan 16 07:46:52 UTC 2007
Ken <centospan101 at sprint-v.com.ru>

Karanbir Singh пишет:
> Hi Guys,
> There has been some work going on with the CentOS-5 Artwork stuff on 
> the wiki ( url : http://wiki.centos.org/ArtWork ). Now is the time 
> when we are asking for more feedback and larger community involvement.
> Also, I want to make sure that people understand we are not limited to 
> using only one set of the artwork. We would need to use one default, 
> but further sets might get added into the artwork packages for post 
> install user options.
> - KB

 > Mockup 1: Blurry cubes:
Very good, but glow around logo seems excessive

 > Mockup 2: Line Art:
I'm trying to make same with slightly dim logo (in this, I think, it too 

 > Mockup 3: CentOS Banner:
Very good, but, I think, "CentOS 5" text better change from white (with 
black contour? -- hard to see) to purple (may be brighter) from
new logo with white contour (thicker then current black (?)). Same to 
next artworks.

 > Mockup 4: Flying cubes:
Attractive (with coment above about text)

 > Mockup(s) submitted by Brian
Change logo to new "shine"?

 > Mockup 1 (Paul Berger)

 > Mockup 2 (Paul Berger)
Wow! Excellent! May be applying same as in "Mockup 3: CentOS Banner:", 
but it very good too.

 > Mockup 3 - Peaceful Clouds - Blur - Olify - Blur in gimp (Paul Berger)
Mmmm... Too usual?

 > Mockup 4 - Combining 2 & 3 (Paul Berger)
Good as mockup 2, but text really need increasing contrast.

Ken Simons