[CentOS-devel] Re: src.rpm missing

Farkas Levente lfarkas at bppiac.hu
Sat Oct 13 12:04:13 UTC 2007

Johnny Hughes wrote:
> I build those kmod RPMS from SVN and not the SPRMS (though a temporary
> SRPMS is created in the process).
> Regardless ... the KERNEL VERSION that is in the SRPM name is not
> relevant (as it totally depends on the KERNEL that is installed when the
> SRPM is built).
> The SRPM that is posted in the CentOSPlus (or Extras) repo will build
> the kmod files that are released and there is no reason to update it
> unless something other than the kernel version changes.
> Example:
> xfs-kmod-0.4-
> The relevant part is "xfs-kmod-0.4-1" and el5.  No need to publish a
> dozen SRPMS that are identical in content.  The who purpose of a kmod
> SRPM is that it can build for multiple ARCHES and multiple VERSIONS from
> the same RPM.
> As to plus and extras ... sure I can put the SRPMS in both.  Changing
> where the kmod files are is a relatively new thing.  DRBD was all in
> Extras and XFS was all in Plus ... but I changed that at user request so
> that only the PLUS kenrel kmods are in plus and the regular kernel kmods
> are in extras (as people did not know how to set excludes in their yum
> config files to get regular kmod RPMS with plus kmod RPMS present).
> In fact, I did create hardlinks for all kmod SRPMS in extras and
> centosplus.

i understand all the above since i also used to recompile kmod in the
same way. the only problem with the missing src.rpms is that i can't
know from which source it was build and whether is there any changes in
the spec file. eg in the above case i dont know
xfs-kmod-0.4- is based on the same spec file
as xfs-kmod-0.4- and if the spec file
contians additional patches they are different or the same etc.
for me a read-only svn access would be as good as the src.rpm, but afaik
currently that svn is not public.

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