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Johnny Hughes johnny at centos.org
Sat Oct 13 09:39:26 UTC 2007

Farkas Levente wrote:
> Kevan Benson wrote:
>> Farkas Levente wrote:
>>> Karanbir Singh wrote:
>>>> Farkas Levente wrote:
>>>>> hi,
>>>>> it seems there are many packages in extras and centosplus for which the
>>>>> src.rpms are missing eg.: for kmod rpms there is not any src.rpms or
>>>>> just for one old version.
>>>>> imho it's a bug.
>>>> can you be a bit more specific ? which src for what bin rpm is missing ?
>>> kmod-xfs, kmod-drbd, .. actually there are dozens of kmod rpms and even
>>> 10% of them has src.rpms.
> sorry i forget to mention it's about centos-5 not 4.
>> Part of what you are seeing is because the source RPM doesn't
>> necessarily have to match the same naming format as the produced
>> package.  Viewing the headers of the kmod-drbd RPM shows this as the
>> source RPM: drbd-kmod-0.7.24-, which does exist.
> rpm -qpi kmod-drbd-8.0.4-|grep -i source
> Group: System Environment/Kernel Source RPM:
> drbd-kmod-8.0.4-
> but there is such file es the above.
>> The XFS RPM lists it's source RPM as
>> kernel-module-xfs-2.6.9-55.EL-0.2-1.src.rpm though, and I can't find
>> that in the SRPMS sub-directory of extras, so it looks like that one is
>> missing.
> rpm -qpi kmod-xfs-0.4-|grep -i source
> Group: System Environment/Kernel     Source RPM:
> xfs-kmod-0.4-
> but this file also missing
>> Actually, I just checked centosplus, and it's included in the source
>> directory of that (probably since it's built for the plus repo kernels
>> as well).  So you'll probably find all the source RPMS you are looking
>> for under different names in either the extras or centosplus SRPMS
>> directories.
> it'd be better to include src.rpms in both extras and centosplus and if
> you hardlink these files do don't loose any disk space.

I build those kmod RPMS from SVN and not the SPRMS (though a temporary
SRPMS is created in the process).

Regardless ... the KERNEL VERSION that is in the SRPM name is not
relevant (as it totally depends on the KERNEL that is installed when the
SRPM is built).

The SRPM that is posted in the CentOSPlus (or Extras) repo will build
the kmod files that are released and there is no reason to update it
unless something other than the kernel version changes.



The relevant part is "xfs-kmod-0.4-1" and el5.  No need to publish a
dozen SRPMS that are identical in content.  The who purpose of a kmod
SRPM is that it can build for multiple ARCHES and multiple VERSIONS from
the same RPM.

As to plus and extras ... sure I can put the SRPMS in both.  Changing
where the kmod files are is a relatively new thing.  DRBD was all in
Extras and XFS was all in Plus ... but I changed that at user request so
that only the PLUS kenrel kmods are in plus and the regular kernel kmods
are in extras (as people did not know how to set excludes in their yum
config files to get regular kmod RPMS with plus kmod RPMS present).

In fact, I did create hardlinks for all kmod SRPMS in extras and

Johnny Hughes

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