[CentOS-devel] possibility of an extra-hardware-support SIG

Sat Sep 8 19:32:16 UTC 2007
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

gjgowey at tmo.blackberry.net wrote:
> It's basically aimed at letting individual developers start projects that they feel would benefit centos do so basically on their own terms and let those projects be run using sourceforge resources until they're sufficiently mature enough to be integrated into the mainsteam centos development path.  The provision of allowing core centos members joint full control over these independent projects is so that the incubation period can be as long as need be without risking the project becoming orphaned.

if people are interested in creating sub-projects or creating/starting code work 
that might be of some use to the CentOS userbase, we have resources within the 
project that people would be most welcome to ask for.

If someone has something in mind, please feel free to ask. We can provide pretty 
much anything that someone might want, any sort of VCS, mailing lists, trac 
instances, bugzilla instances, webhosting space and a very effective mirror 

as much as possible, it would be nice to not spread out too thin, however if 
people would still like to use the likes of sf.net to host a project - I would 
really like to know why. Perhaps, we could use that feedback to do things better.

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