[CentOS-devel] CentOS and JBoss

Johnny Hughes johnny at centos.org
Thu Apr 3 20:25:25 UTC 2008

Steven Stallion wrote:
> All,
> (The company which I work for has authorized me to engage the CentOS 
> community and make a proposal with regard to a whitebox JBoss 
> distribution.)
> OCI currently provides support for JBoss and other related technologies. 
> During the course of our work, we are now finding it difficult to manage 
> patches between releases without rolling our own distribution. We also 
> have several clients who need to re-distribute in their own products.
> I'm sure most of you are familiar with certain policies which prevent 
> the JBoss name from being used for redistribution.
> So my proposal is this:
> I would like to propose a new open source project (a sister project, if 
> you will) which aims at providing a CentOS analogue to JBoss: CentAS. 
> This project will be commercially sponsored by OCI (in terms of manpower 
> to create the distribution). Everything free, everything open, and most 
> definitely no trademark restrictions.
> Mainly we are concerned with the JBoss source only, but this certainly 
> opens up some doors for packaging/distribution within CentOS, leading 
> perhaps to an open alternative to Red Hat's application.
> Thoughts?

Now that CentOS has got a good build of java-openjdk, we (the main 
centos devels) have every intention of rebuilding the RHWAS (including 
the JBoss bits).

Assuming the JBoss server bits build correctly, we can do this.

One part of "all free" would be a gpl'ed version of java (which 
java-openjdk is).

Johnny Hughes

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