[CentOS-devel] CentOS and JBoss

Steven Stallion stallions at ociweb.com
Thu Apr 3 20:28:15 UTC 2008

Johnny Hughes wrote:
> Now that CentOS has got a good build of java-openjdk, we (the main 
> centos devels) have every intention of rebuilding the RHWAS (including 
> the JBoss bits).
> Assuming the JBoss server bits build correctly, we can do this.
> One part of "all free" would be a gpl'ed version of java (which 
> java-openjdk is).

Thats great to hear.

How would you guys feel if we were to take care of the JBoss portion 
while you guys take care of packaging? (We have to do this anyway, so we 
may as well donate the work out!)

> Thanks,
> Johnny Hughes
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