[CentOS-devel] slow Perl on CentOS 5

Marcus Moeller

mm at gcug.de
Sun Aug 31 18:17:23 UTC 2008

Dear Karanbir,

>> if we have axiom, I believe it's still valid, that we are lim 100 pct
>> binary compatible with upstream, patched perl package should be pushed
>> out via centosplus.
> Thats a good point. however, couple of things to consider here:
> - were not pushing perl to everyone by putting it in fasttrack, people
> need to opt into that repo manually.

I guess this is the first time where CentOS fasttrack is faster then
RH's. I agree with David that even ft should not differ from upstream
in that way.

> - This is essentially a bugfix, with  low enough Release tag that the
> next update from upstream will be > EVR
> - There is strong indication from upstream that they will push a version
> of perl into 5.2, either as an update or into fastrack; and this is
> likely to happen soon.
> - Putting these perl packages into centosplus also raises the issue of
> how we would maintain perl in centosplus for the rest of the life of
> centos4/5 ; And I dont really see enough reason to maintain perl there.
> The other, very real, option is to say : lets leave them in the -Testing
> repo and just create enough info at the right places ( bugzilla.r.c
> bugs.c.o, blog posts etc ) - on how users might get the packages from
> the Testing repo. My pref is still to push via fasttrack though, given
> the nature of the other packages that are also in the Testing repo.

'Testing' sounds great. I guess RH will push an bugfix release soon as
this has now been discussed a lot in the public. Then the 'CentOS Fix'
will be obsolete and may be removed from Testing.

Best Regards

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