[CentOS-devel] Extras Packages Proposal

Fri Feb 22 13:19:51 UTC 2008
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

Jean-Marc LIGER wrote:
> Hi list,
> Jean-Marc LIGER a écrit :
>> Dear Sirs,
>> I'm interested in push some of the packages I've build for the
>> Entr'ouvert Society into CentOS Extras Packages Repository :

> Is there anybody here ? "Yes", "No" or "Perhaps, we haven't time to 
> review your packages yet" could have be a more careful answer :)

Most of our EU devels are currently preparing for FOSDEM.  We are 
putting off most things until that is finished.

>> We are also interested in IcedTea and Fedora Directory Server support 
>> in CentOS Extras Packages.
>> We are yet testing CentOS IcedTea devel build, it works well for us, and
>> I've also found a Russian guy which had primary done the job for FDS.
>> http://rpm.vesselin.org/redhat/el5-dirsrv/source/
> I've rebuilt the latest Fedora Directory Server packages with CentOS 
> IcedTed devel (build like a charm) !

IcedTea packages (created by Dainel de Kok) are currently in our testing 
repository.  Glad they seem to work for you, we hope to continue to 
develop them going forward.

I think that the FDS team creates el4 and el5 packages themselves. While 
we are interested in getting Red Hat Directory Service 3 packages for 
CentOS (somrthing that is NOT freely available currently), I am not sure 
we should duplicate the FDS packages unless there is something we can 
add that they don't have (since FDS is totally free and totally 
available and built to run on el4,el5).


As to the rest of your packages, they look very nice ... but there is an 
organization called rpmRepo (CentOS, Scientific Linux, and SMEServer are 
working together with RPMForge and ATRPMS in this project) where these 
packages might do more good.

Many (if not all) of the CentOS Extras packages will probably be moving 
to RPMRepo, and there are discussions scheduled at FOSDEM among some of 
the key players in this regard to get this project moving.


If we don't get rpmRepo moving forward soon, then we can readdress your 
packages and moving them into CentOS Extras.  Thank you very much for 
contacting us :)

-- Johnny Hughes

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