[CentOS-devel] Extras Packages Proposal

Fri Feb 22 14:37:56 UTC 2008
Jean-Marc LIGER <jean-marc.liger at siris.sorbonne.fr>

Johnny Hughes a écrit :
> Jean-Marc LIGER wrote:
>> Hi list,
>> Jean-Marc LIGER a écrit :
>>> Dear Sirs,
>>> I'm interested in push some of the packages I've build for the
>>> Entr'ouvert Society into CentOS Extras Packages Repository :
> <snip>
>> Is there anybody here ? "Yes", "No" or "Perhaps, we haven't time to 
>> review your packages yet" could have be a more careful answer :)
> Most of our EU devels are currently preparing for FOSDEM.  We are 
> putting off most things until that is finished.

I understand and hope it will good for you and all the CentOS Project.

>>> We are also interested in IcedTea and Fedora Directory Server 
>>> support in CentOS Extras Packages.
>>> We are yet testing CentOS IcedTea devel build, it works well for us, 
>>> and
>>> I've also found a Russian guy which had primary done the job for FDS.
>>> http://rpm.vesselin.org/redhat/el5-dirsrv/source/
>> I've rebuilt the latest Fedora Directory Server packages with CentOS 
>> IcedTed devel (build like a charm) !
> IcedTea packages (created by Dainel de Kok) are currently in our 
> testing repository.  Glad they seem to work for you, we hope to 
> continue to develop them going forward.
> I think that the FDS team creates el4 and el5 packages themselves. 
> While we are interested in getting Red Hat Directory Service 3 
> packages for CentOS (somrthing that is NOT freely available 
> currently), I am not sure we should duplicate the FDS packages unless 
> there is something we can add that they don't have (since FDS is 
> totally free and totally available and built to run on el4,el5).

I  doesn't think Red Had will distribute its's Red Hat (Brand) Directory 
Server for free. I discuss with them last month, they were Gold Partner 
of the French Linux Solutions, and what they said to me was they bought 
Netscape Directory Server to make money with it ! Yes a free and Open 
Source version exists, but it's clearly named Fedora Directory Server.

And for obvious earning money reasons they are not too hurry to create 
el4 and el5 packages :

Think, It just took me two hours for building all...

In this case should CentOS Plus Repository be more qualify ?

> <snip>
> As to the rest of your packages, they look very nice ... but there is 
> an organization called rpmRepo (CentOS, Scientific Linux, and 
> SMEServer are working together with RPMForge and ATRPMS in this 
> project) where these packages might do more good.
> Many (if not all) of the CentOS Extras packages will probably be 
> moving to RPMRepo, and there are discussions scheduled at FOSDEM among 
> some of the key players in this regard to get this project moving.
> http://rpmrepo.org/

This goal sounds to me like the Lochness Monster. This is not the first 
time I hear about it. RPMforge.net was first design for and it seems to 
have fall. Hopes it will work this time :)

Axel, Dag, Dries and Mathias have really done a great job since many 
years. But for that primary good reason it's certainly difficult for 
them to merge|disolve themselves in a common structure, even if Mathias 
joined Fedora Extras/EPEL. And last, what will be the future relation 
between rpmRepo and EPEL ?

For all that good and bad reasons, I'm a little bit disappointed. CentOS 
was a more reliable choice for me : One Distribution, One Extras 
Repository, Only One GPG-key.
So I will continue to maintain my own repository and waiting for the 
rpmRepo achievement.

> If we don't get rpmRepo moving forward soon, then we can readdress 
> your packages and moving them into CentOS Extras.  Thank you very much 
> for contacting us :)

CentOS is really a great project that we are growing support in our 
community :)

> -- Johnny Hughes