[CentOS-devel] Using Centos as embedded linux.

Fri Jan 11 18:59:00 UTC 2008
"Ing. Ernesto Pérez Estévez" <centos at ecualinux.com>

Vishak V. Kurup wrote:
> Thank you...Daneil and John...
> My device configuration is as follows.
> CPU  	: intel Celeron M 1.60 Ghz
> IDE(Primary Master) : Compact Flash (1 GB)
> IDE(Primary Master) : Compact Flash (256 GB)
> My confusion is that if it is  possible to customize the CentOS for my application.
> Regards

I have installed centos-3 in a mini ITX with 256MB /RAM and 1GB CF (I 
was unable to find the 256GB one).. minimal install and then reduced 
further the disk usage. I customized it for our streaming customers 
(darkice+a heavily reduced centos). Text only

I have been thinking to slim centos by recompiling every RPM without the 
docs and several other tricks to make it less fatter.. of course it wont 
be the real centos but some sort of reduced copy.

BTW, I found that debian was easier to install in such a hardware and 
set aside my plans to reduce CentOS size.. but maybe one day I will get 
back to it.


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