[CentOS-devel] Using Centos as embedded linux.

Fri Jan 11 19:10:49 UTC 2008
jean-seb <jsh at interlug.net>

Ing. Ernesto Pérez Estévez a écrit :
> Vishak V. Kurup wrote:
>> Thank you...Daneil and John...
>> My device configuration is as follows.
>> CPU      : intel Celeron M 1.60 Ghz
>> DIMM     : W/DDR 1GB ECC
>> IDE(Primary Master) : Compact Flash (1 GB)
>> IDE(Primary Master) : Compact Flash (256 GB)
>> My confusion is that if it is  possible to customize the CentOS for 
>> my application.
>> Regards
> I have installed centos-3 in a mini ITX with 256MB /RAM and 1GB CF (I 
> was unable to find the 256GB one).. minimal install and then reduced 
> further the disk usage. I customized it for our streaming customers 
> (darkice+a heavily reduced centos). Text only

Pretty same embedded system::
on a C3 1Ghz, 512 Mb of ram (256 for system memory and 256 in "ramdisk" 
to use /var and /tmp in read/write mode) and a 512Mb CF:
The way to minimize is like other distro: rm -rf /usr/share/doc :)

And of course, vanish yum, and install apt-get :)

> I have been thinking to slim centos by recompiling every RPM without 
> the docs and several other tricks to make it less fatter.. of course 
> it wont be the real centos but some sort of reduced copy.
> BTW, I found that debian was easier to install in such a hardware and 
> set aside my plans to reduce CentOS size.. but maybe one day I will 
> get back to it.
> regards
> epe
You can slim a Centos to .. 300Mo, it's working fine and let you about 
215Mo for archiving and update features (glibc is the worst package to 
update :-/ )

At last, you can have a graphical desktop (xfce or a gnome desktop) in 
512Mo i think, but maybe the manpages will be delete too.