[CentOS-devel] New Horde version ... should we upgrade?

Tue Jul 15 10:33:47 UTC 2008
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

There is a new version of the Horde framework and the other packages 
that go with it.  The new framework is 3.2.x and most of the other 
<name>-h3-<version> apps also go up a minor number.

The problem with this upgrade is that there is a new database schema and 
it is a "lots of admin action required" upgrade to a new version.  I 
can't really run the database upgrade SQL script during the upgrade 
process, so the user is left with a broken system after the upgrade.

With enterprise linux distros, upgrades like this are to be avoided.  So 
the question is ... do we just leave Horde at latest 3.1.x level and use 
3.2.X in CentOS-6?

There is the possibility of a horde32 (and all the others apps also as 
required) and set that to conflict with "horde < 3.2" on C5, BUT that 
introduces it's own issues.

My feeling is that we stick with the latest horde in the 3.1.x series in 
CentOS-4 and CentOS-5 (which is 3.1.8) and we wait until CentOS-6 where 
we will introduce the 3.2.x series (and all the associated apps).

What does everyone else think?

Johnny Hughes

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