[CentOS-devel] yum and fastestmirror

Tue Jun 17 14:12:39 UTC 2008
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

Wojciech Pilorz wrote:
> yum-fastestmirror does not work behind some restrictive (oppresive?) firewall
> configuration.

if yum itself is able to make http/ftp connects to a remote host, I dont 
see why yum-fastestmirror might have an issue, can you provide some 
specifics about what broke and how ?

> Also, at least some time ago, fastestmirror was very address-space hungry,
>   and caused yum to die if ulimit on address-space or stack-spaceset
>   set to anything below 1Gig or more (well, that was on fedora
>   with a very long list of mirrors, and fastestmirror created
>   a large number of thread, perhaps one for a mirror).

Well, this isnt Fedora. So if you have an issue on CentOS with something 
similar its worth looking at.

> I would second that mentioning in release notes is needed.

Thats on the wiki, so feel free to add it there :D Although I'd imagine 
there is already something there about yum and the fact that it now 
depends on yum-fastestmirror.

- KB