[CentOS-devel] CentOS 5.2 todo list

Fri May 23 14:53:54 UTC 2008
John Summerfield <debian at herakles.homelinux.org>

Ralph Angenendt wrote:
> Karanbir Singh wrote:
>> Ralph Angenendt wrote:
>>> As last time, I don't really see any content in the slides which needs
>>> to be changed, as we've held those rather generic.
>> I need the final images on the 28th if they are going to make it into  
>> anaconda this time.
> I'm just going through an install and really do not see any need for
> changes. And 28th is a tad, ermm, short, especially with the rate Gideon
> can be gotten a hold of ...
>>> Add {0,1,2}.centos.pool.ntp.org to the network time protocol
>>> configuration and to the standard ntp.conf file - this still reads
>>> {0,1,2}.rhel.pool.ntp.org at the moment, we have our own pool name since
>>> a few weeks ago.
>> ok, I can do that now.
> As far as I can see the only change needed is in ntp.conf from the ntp
> package. 
> If I understand it correctly, then
> /usr/share/system-config-date/dateBackend.py reads /etc/ntp.conf on
> startup and processes "server" lines in there to offer you a choice of
> ntp servers.
> If we really want to make sure, we could also modify
> /usr/share/system-config-date/ntp.template - but that would be doing
> more than upstream does, as that only contains 
> server 0.pool.ntp.org 

My dhcp server offers an ntp server; _that_ is the one I want used. It 
seems weird to me that it isn't.



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