[CentOS-devel] Testing PHP 5.2.6 and PostgreSQL 8.2.9

Wed Oct 15 14:12:39 UTC 2008
admin <mick at mjhall.org>

Not sure of the protocols for feedback on tested packages, but I 
installed the PHP 5.2.6 and PostgreSQL 8.2.9 RPMs from the testing repo 
and both seem to work fine so far with Drupal 7.

What is the difference between packages in the top level of testing and 
those in testing/RPMs, apart from the obvious fact that the top level 
ones are newer? Organisationally, are there two levels of testing?

I downloaded and installed directly with rpm rather than using yum. Do 
you prefer that testers always use yum?

Will have a go at CDS using yum once I get a clean Xen image spun up, 
I'm still building my infrastructure and things aren't as automated as 
they could be yet.