[CentOS-devel] centos and HPC

Fri Oct 31 04:27:26 UTC 2008
Laurence Liew <lliew at osgdc.org>


We would kindly join in and assist.

Our team developed Project Kusu (http://www.hpccommunity.org/kusu)  
which is the foundation for the Red Hat HPC offering. As mentioned by  
KB, HPC is very wide, and we definitely need more help and expertise.

For a complete HPC stack the following components would be required:

1. OS (centOS)
2. cluster management (kusu)
3. batch scheduler (Lava already included in kusu, SGE, Torque would  
also be good additions)
4. cluster filesystems (Lustre, GPFS, GFS, pNFS)
5. compilers and libraries (gcc, intel/portland compilers, mpich,  
openmpi, lapack, scalapack, atlas etc)

Open source HPC applications Kits in
1. bio/life science
2. chemistry and materials science
3. CFD
4. rendering applications
5. financial computations apps
6. numerical routines libraries....
7. etc

In Kusu we try to provide most of the infrastructure pieces, the next  
stage of development is to target applications, so that engineers and  
scientist using Kusu can easily install a cluster with their  
applications without worrying about the cluster software infrastructure.



On 31 Oct 2008, at 3:26 AM, Karanbir Singh wrote:

> hi,
> Does anyone have details on what is going on with upstream and their  
> HPC product ? A directory has down up on ftp.redhat.com but there is  
> nothing inside there, and there seems to be not much going on with  
> their sales website either.
> What we could start working on in the mean time is to get a SIG  
> together, and formulating intent / direction / mechanism etc.
> Also, HPC itself is quite a vast subject - and perhaps we should not  
> limit ourselves only to the product base that is being released  
> upstream. So if we were to propose a HPC SIG, are there a few people  
> here who would like to join in the effort and help ?
> - KB
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