[CentOS-devel] centos and HPC

Fri Oct 31 08:32:36 UTC 2008
Marcus Moeller <mm at gcug.de>

Dear Karanbir.

> Does anyone have details on what is going on with upstream and their HPC
> product ? A directory has down up on ftp.redhat.com but there is nothing
> inside there, and there seems to be not much going on with their sales
> website either.
> What we could start working on in the mean time is to get a SIG together,
> and formulating intent / direction / mechanism etc.
> Also, HPC itself is quite a vast subject - and perhaps we should not limit
> ourselves only to the product base that is being released upstream. So if we
> were to propose a HPC SIG, are there a few people here who would like to
> join in the effort and help ?

I would also like to join the SIG. I have a meeting at RH in late
November concerning the upcoming HPC strategy and I will let you know
what's going on as soon as possible.

Best Regards