[CentOS-devel] rhwas 5 issues

Wed Sep 24 00:05:34 UTC 2008
Joe Pruett <joey at clean.q7.com>

>>  the php rebuild is missing some subpackages:
>>  php-mhash
>>  php-mssql
>>  php-readline
>>  php-tidy
>>  php-mcrypt
> I dont think these are available in the upstream packages either. However, we 
> can enable them as long as they dont break anything.

they are part of the base centos build, so it seems odd that they wouldn't 
be part of the rhwas build.  but, i just looked at the upstream spec and 
sure enough, those subpackages don't seem to be there.  even though there 
is a changlog entry of:

* Tue Jun 19 2007 Joe Orton <jorton at redhat.com> 5.2.3-3
- add mcrypt, mhash, tidy, mssql subpackages (Dmitry Butskoy)

how very odd.  it does look like readline has been included in php-cli, 
but no obsoletes tag added.  i guess i'll look at the base php spec and 
see if centos people added those subpackages.

>>  and the mysql in testing isn't the same as upstream.  is that something
>>  that is going to be addressed?
> yes, and no. Yes in that it will get addressed. And NO in that it might not 
> be exactly the same as whats upstream. You might want to look at some of the 
> history between us ( CentOS ), Redhat and Mysql w.r.t rhwas on el4 about why 
> that is.

if the rhwas repo is kept separate from centosplus, would there still be 
an issue?  i would hope that rh has a self consistent set of rpms, so i'd 
like to be able to use the same ones.  i realize i may not be able to 
mix/match with centosplus, but that isn't my goal.