[CentOS-devel] rhwas 5 issues

Wed Sep 24 00:14:19 UTC 2008
Joe Pruett <joey at clean.q7.com>

>> >   the php rebuild is missing some subpackages:
>> > 
>> >   php-mhash
>> >   php-mssql
>> >   php-readline
>> >   php-tidy
>> >   php-mcrypt
>>  I dont think these are available in the upstream packages either. However,
>>  we can enable them as long as they dont break anything.
> they are part of the base centos build, so it seems odd that they wouldn't be 
> part of the rhwas build.  but, i just looked at the upstream spec and sure 
> enough, those subpackages don't seem to be there.  even though there is a 
> changlog entry of:
> * Tue Jun 19 2007 Joe Orton <jorton at redhat.com> 5.2.3-3
> - add mcrypt, mhash, tidy, mssql subpackages (Dmitry Butskoy)
> how very odd.  it does look like readline has been included in php-cli, but 
> no obsoletes tag added.  i guess i'll look at the base php spec and see if 
> centos people added those subpackages.

aha, those come from php-extras, which isn't part of the normal upstream. 
i'm less confused now.

i'm still hoping to hear about the mysql situation, though.