[CentOS-devel] forums + portal for {lang}.centos.org sites

Thu Sep 25 19:48:11 UTC 2008
Marcus Moeller <mm at gcug.de>

Dear Ned.

>>> http://www.simplemachines.org/about/license.php

>> I don't like the license :)
> I don't like it either - that's why I raised it. Is it a show stopper
> discounting SMF from further consideration or is it something we can still
> work with (the license) and keep it on the shortlist? No point doing a lot
> of ldap integration work or whatever to only find out down the line the
> license isn't tolerable.

I agree. This license makes it nealy impossible to use/distribute it.

>>>> - Must address the specific requirements raised by the present
>>>>  www.centos.org forum users ( Can you please fill this section in ? )
>>> This is a task I can do. Where/how would you like the information?
>> Why not here in this thread first?
> Here is a summary of issues raised by forum users so far:
> *Major*
> - Persistent logins (users currently have to re-login every 24h)
> - The remember me, keep cookie for 1 year option looks broken (relates to
> point 1 above and is presumably a xoops issue)
> - View/jump to first unread post within thread feature
> - Remember read/unread posts across multiple PCs/logins (per user, not per
> machine)
> - Ability for users to change/edit their registered email address.
> - Better management of subscribed threads
> *Minor*
> - Thank User button/feature
> - Quick links feature

I think phpBB addresses nearly all of these issues. It scales well and
is GPL licensed. It also inculdes an easy update/patch management
system which is really necessary in my pov.

The main disadvantage of phpBB is that there is no good portal
software available for it. There have been some attempts of XOOPS
integration (X-phpBBi) but they are afaik no longer supported. The
'only' active portal project for phpBB3 that I know is Board3.

Best Regards