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Scott Silva

ssilva at sgvwater.com
Wed Apr 8 23:24:08 UTC 2009

on 4-8-2009 4:14 PM Jeff Johnson spake the following:
> On Apr 8, 2009, at 7:10 PM, Scott Silva wrote:
>> The first sync could be iso's with a strategic part cut off. A later  
>> rsync
>> could fill this in fairly quickly. Release rpms next for sync. After  
>> mirrors
>> are near on line create or at least restore metadata files to sync.  
>> If torrent
>> files are released, make sure they are created against the full  
>> ISO's before
>> chopping off a chunk. That way they will sit at near completion  
>> until the
>> ISO's are actually complete. Peers will have most of the ISO, but it  
>> will be
>> unusable until finished, and they can just wait also.
> Spreading deliberately damaged iso's won't stop the torrents and
> is a wonderful way to earn a bad reputation.
But if an iso's .torrent file is created based on the full cd, wouldn't the
torrent clients just sit until the iso is actually complete? Maybe someway of
witholding one or 2 chunks in the torrent. There would not be any seeds until
the ISO's actually were complete.

> Otherwise would work just fine, strategically damaged
> distribution media was even considered @redhat.com before
> someone realized the flaw.
>> I actually waited until I saw the release announcement before I  
>> started a
>> torrent download, and have only yum updated a test server. I am not  
>> in a real
>> big hurry, as I already have plenty to do.
>> "The floggings will continue until morale improves"  ;-P
> I'm in favor of the torquemada! Nothing like a dim
> dark place to reflect upon insanity.

Too bad they never got a remote lart working!

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