[CentOS-devel] Forum migration: newbb_to_phpbb

Mon Mar 23 16:26:44 UTC 2009
Alain Reguera Delgado <al at ciget.cienfuegos.cu>

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Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Marcus Moeller wrote:
>>> The users are copied from xoops user table onto an LDAP server.
>> I personally have no dump of the xoops user table, so maybe Karan
>> could give it a try. LDAP connection is already set up on TestVM.
> I can definitely arrange for that - however the idea of a 'copy' cant 
> work - we need to have a situation where the userdata is shared between 
> the rest of the website and whatever we are using for the forums ( I was 
> under the impression that this was a goal ? ).

Describe that idea a bit more, please.

I thought that once the forum users' data were migrated into LDAP space
they may be reused for other applications[1]. Don't know it there are
other sources of users but the forums, if so they could be copied into
the LDAP space too and that way use LDAP space as a common place for

Don't know if I grabbed the correct idea ... let me know please.

[1]: The LDAP attributes used here are important, I guess. Maybe rfc2377
could help to define this.

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