[CentOS-devel] LiveCD development

Marcus Moeller

mail at marcus-moeller.de
Sat May 2 08:04:03 UTC 2009

Dear Alan,

>>  > So it becomes effectively useless for everyone with a netbook/laptop and
>>  > needs wireless ? I cannot use the LiveCD unless I somehow transfer the
>>  > firmware (or remake the LiveCD), you loose users, hurt the project.
>> I am not sure if missing netbook support leads in loosing our audience.
> Novice user: I'd like to see if a reliable, well respected Linux
> kernel based OS runs on my laptop / notebook.
> Venerable wizard: Obtain copies of the various LiveCDs that are
> available and test.
> Novice user: This works, that works, CentOS doesn't work ( ---> into
> the trash it goes), Ubuntu works, . . .
> Result: Another potential user lost.
> Surely that didn't really need to be spelt out for you, Marcus?

So, what? CentOS is not the best solution for everyone. E.g. UNR is a
very good choice for netbooks, which comes with a app-launcher
optimized for small screens and a lot of necessary drivers. I
personally see no need to switch these to CentOS.

But Patrice is right. We could offer something like an installable
'Plus' CD which contains some useful driver addons and maybe 3rd party
applications (not my decision).

The 'official LiveCD' should just reflect the project development status.

Best Regards

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