[CentOS-devel] LiveCD development


ribalba at gmail.com
Sat May 2 11:19:10 UTC 2009

On Sat, May 2, 2009 at 11:01 AM, Dag Wieers <dag at centos.org> wrote:
> On Fri, 1 May 2009, Scott Silva wrote:
>> on 5-1-2009 12:19 PM Alan Bartlett spake the following:
>>> On 01/05/2009, Marcus Moeller <mail-7BlZPJ8e1eab+SiqwsCprbNAH6kLmebB at public.gmane.org> wrote:
>>>> > So it becomes effectively useless for everyone with a netbook/laptop and
>>>> > needs wireless ? I cannot use the LiveCD unless I somehow transfer the
>>>> > firmware (or remake the LiveCD), you loose users, hurt the project.
>>>> I am not sure if missing netbook support leads in loosing our audience.
>>> Result: Another potential user lost.
>>> Surely that didn't really need to be spelt out for you, Marcus?
>> The opposite would also be true...
>> Novice tries CentOS live CD and says "Wow, this works great. I want to install
>> CentOS!". Several hours later as he DL's the CD's to install it ,"Now this
>> piece of @#&% doesn't work". Also into the trash...
> So you prefer someone whose hardware would work on CentOS not use CentOS
> because he is under the impression that it does not work.

Some people I know have said something around the lines of:
"I tried the CentOS live CD and it didn't, work so I used Ubuntu"

> Seems counter-productive. And yes there is a good reason to run an
> enterprise linux on a netbook or a laptop. Saying there are better
> alternatives is a very personal statement.

I use CentOS on my laptop and I would never want to change :)

The problem I see with having a live CD that includes all the 3rd
party repros is that it will be a lot of work and people will not
notice that there is a difference between "base" and "extended". So
why not go with 2 different CDs one like it is now the "base" and then
have a second one that has all the 3rd party packages enabled and is
clearly labeled as such. I am aware that this will be more work to

Cheers Didi

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