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Karanbir Singh

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Wed May 6 10:03:41 UTC 2009


Jean-Marc LIGER wrote:
> I was parsing the archives yesterday and I found this old topic.

well found!

> CentOS 5.3 is now released and there is still no CDS validated packages.

Tim can probabally answer this question better, but iirc there was talk 
of rebuilding and retesting using the openjdk now included in 5.3 rather 
than the back ported openjdk that was used earlier.

> So my question is, should we find soon CDS packages in the Extras/CentOSplus
> trees or should I better maintain my own FDS packages in our own 
> Sirisplus tree.

If you are happy to help with the building / testing of the packages, 
why not do it within the CentOS setup and share with everyone else :) 
The exact mechanics on how this might be setup and run is something that 
we can look at.

Tim ?

- KB
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