[CentOS-devel] RPM Contribution

David Dreggors

ddreggors at cfl.rr.com
Mon May 11 20:07:59 UTC 2009

Marcus Moeller wrote:
> I would suggest to use the same username as in the Wiki (when time
> comes we have to merge/dupe them, otherwise)

Thanks Marcus, I created the account (DavidDreggors) on the Dasha site.

The main Dasha wiki page says:

"Anyone can submit a driver for inclusion into the dasha images. In 
order to do so, create an account for yourself here and send an email to 
the centos-developers mailing list ( link ) with details of the driver 
you would like to get included. You will then get an svn account where 
you can directly import the drivers and the associated Makefiles and 
config scripts required to make it build. "

I have the account and have already sent the request here. Is there 
anything else I need to do?

How/what do I have to do once I get the svn account?
What files do I need to upload?

I have already sent this list the spec and src.rpm. The source code us 
not changed from the snapshot downloaded from snapshots.madwifi-project.org.

The driver is an RPM of the latest snapshot of madwifi. I do not own the 
   source code I just created the rpm and used it on a fresh install 
here on my laptop.

The need for this driver is for anyone using a laptop (or other) that 
has the Atheros AR5007EG wireless card. The stock ath5k kernel module 
does not support this card.

Currently the only module that works well is madwifi. I have tried the 
kmod-ath5k from the elrepo-testing repo, which does work, but locks your 
machine up solid when bringing down the interface. Not a good solution yet.

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