[CentOS-devel] RPM Contribution

Dag Wieers

dag at centos.org
Mon May 11 20:15:28 UTC 2009

On Mon, 11 May 2009, David Dreggors wrote:

> Marcus Moeller wrote:
>> I would suggest to use the same username as in the Wiki (when time
>> comes we have to merge/dupe them, otherwise)
> Thanks Marcus, I created the account (DavidDreggors) on the Dasha site.
> The main Dasha wiki page says:
> "Anyone can submit a driver for inclusion into the dasha images. In
> order to do so, create an account for yourself here and send an email to
> the centos-developers mailing list ( link ) with details of the driver
> you would like to get included. You will then get an svn account where
> you can directly import the drivers and the associated Makefiles and
> config scripts required to make it build. "
> I have the account and have already sent the request here. Is there
> anything else I need to do?
> How/what do I have to do once I get the svn account?
> What files do I need to upload?
> I have already sent this list the spec and src.rpm. The source code us
> not changed from the snapshot downloaded from snapshots.madwifi-project.org.
> The driver is an RPM of the latest snapshot of madwifi. I do not own the
>   source code I just created the rpm and used it on a fresh install
> here on my laptop.
> The need for this driver is for anyone using a laptop (or other) that
> has the Atheros AR5007EG wireless card. The stock ath5k kernel module
> does not support this card.
> Currently the only module that works well is madwifi. I have tried the
> kmod-ath5k from the elrepo-testing repo, which does work, but locks your
> machine up solid when bringing down the interface. Not a good solution yet.

David, please report details about your hardware to the existing Red Hat 
bug-report at:

 	ath5k module freezes when interface is brought down

We have to get this fixed upstream and once it is, we will have a 
working kmod-ath5k in the same effort :-)

Besides as far as I have tested, the madwifi solution (for newer 
Atheros hardware) replaces some of the other wireless infrastructure and 
thus breaks other wireless drivers and is impossible to package properly 
for RHEL/CentOS.

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