[CentOS-devel] RPM Contribution

David Dreggors

ddreggors at cfl.rr.com
Tue May 12 23:30:33 UTC 2009

Dag Wieers wrote:
> On Mon, 11 May 2009, David Dreggors wrote:
>> Dag Wieers wrote:
>>> Besides as far as I have tested, the madwifi solution (for newer
>>> Atheros hardware) replaces some of the other wireless infrastructure and
>>> thus breaks other wireless drivers and is impossible to package properly
>>> for RHEL/CentOS.
>> Was unaware of that, can you give examples of the libraries/modules that
>> get overwritten (for rollback/restore purposes)?
> The problem is not that they may or may not get overwritten, the problem 
> is that if you have a set of modules that use the original mac80211 and 
> cfg80211 kernel modules, and the new madwifi that use modified (newer?) 
> mac80211 and cfg80211 modules, depending on which mac80211 and cfg80211 
> modules you have loaded, only one set of wireless drivers may  work.

> People using a USB wireless stick because they have problems with their atheros, 
> might not get the original drivers to work because of the above mess that 
> was created.

Well that's no good. Not sure if you got my email, I added a bug 
submission to upstream as you asked. They have now assigned someone to 
the bug.

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