[CentOS-devel] Apache ServerTokens says Red Hat

Thu Sep 3 09:29:00 UTC 2009
Peter Magnusson <iocc at centos.lists.flashdance.cx>

On Thu, 3 Sep 2009, Karanbir Singh wrote:

> I dont think you actually read my last email, searching for it is not
> the same as reporting it. Go look once again, then close your new report
> as a dupe of the existing one.

Then I suggest a big SEARCH: directly on the front page so its possible to 
find stuff. Thats why I added a new, no search. Im quite used that bug 
tracking systems sucks so Im not suprised when I dont find a search. So I 
dont look too long to find one. Now I see that I get a Search when I click 
on "Unassigned" for example.

It cant possible be worse with a SEARCH directly on http://bugs.centos.org.
I promise.

> yes there is, if its not a local centos issue, its still good for people
> to be able to track it here, and yet be able to link upstream - in many
> cases, helping the upstream developers with testing and potential fix's.

Ok, then I'll do that.

> if you really really want them fixed, go out and buy a subscription to
> rhel. or propose patches along with the reports.

However, if I happend to work where the company got a subscription to RHEL
I WILL file a bug report. And will NOT GIVE UP until Redhat has fixed it.
The damn bug has existed for like 5-10 years.