[CentOS-devel] Why are Spacewalk packages removed from CentOS?

Miroslav Suchý

msuchy at redhat.com
Fri Jan 22 11:06:28 UTC 2010

Marcus Moeller wrote:
> Spacewalk development is much faster which may lead into missing
> features as they are not yet implemented in the version that is meant
> to be used with rhn.

If you have environment when you want to centraly manage your machines 
and installing from is only way, you want to have yum-rhn-plugin 
available just after kickstart. Just to be able to install package. You 
do not care about recent features.
But I have to admit, that I do not know how many such users and 
environment exists.

> The only option I see is to keep the rhns and spacewalk-client
> packages in sync, which may be the case in the near future (e.g. on
> RHEL 6)

Yes, keep status que and do not remove it from CentOS 6 is definitely 
valid option.

Miroslav Suchy
Red Hat Satellite Engineering

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