[CentOS-devel] CentOS 5 PowerPC port?

James A. Peltier

jpeltier at sfu.ca
Fri May 21 08:05:52 UTC 2010

I'm currently using scripts as provided by 


in my first attempt to create a CentOS 5.5 IA64 port.  Learning much as I go along.

----- "Greg Snyder" <gregs at tallmaple.com> wrote:

| Hi all,
| I'm trying to get a CentOS 5 port started for PowerPC.  I saw there
| was
| some email back in February about this, but did not know what
| progress
| had been made.  Does anyone have any news?  I'm most interested in
| 32-bit, with the hope of eventually running it on some Apple (G4 and
| G5)
| desktops, as well as on some embedded PowerPC boards (mostly amcc
| 460ex
| based).  So I'd be hoping to build with some pretty generic target
| options so the RPMs would be useful in the most places.
| Are there tools, scripts or techniques used to do the x86 RPMs build
| that could be leveraged?  I looked around on the CentOS website and
| wiki, but could not find docs or sources for this.  Any pointers on
| this, or just generally how the x86 build/build server is
| bootstrapped,
| and the x86 RPMs are produced, would be greatly appreciated.
| Given my previous somewhat painful experience with autoconf-related
| cross-build issues, my first thought was to build the bulk of the
| RPMs
| natively on PowerPC, rather than x86 to PowerPC cross-build.  I have
| a
| few PowerPC boxes (currently running Fedora 12), including a quad
| core
| 2.5GHz G5, that I'd be happy to share with others interested in
| getting
| a CentOS PowerPC port done.
| I'd be grateful for any tips, help or direction.
| Thanks,
| Greg
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