[CentOS-devel] Artwork packages for CentOS 6

Wed Nov 10 21:22:34 UTC 2010
Marcus Moeller <mail at marcus-moeller.de>

Hi all,

>> as there are many changes in Anaconda (and not only there) I don't
>> think our old artwork build infrastructure is capable of creating the
>> necessary files.
>> If I should take a look at what needs to be drawn, please point me to
>> the packages/files that needs to be modified.
> On 5.x the modified packages were gdm, redhat-artwork,
> desktop-backgrounds-basic and rhgb. There also seems to be a kde
> package, which I cannot remember now. kdebase? kdelibs?
> What do we modify? This list is probably not complete, just what I can
> think of at the moment:
> - gdm

GDM is no longer themable like in the past. I can place a logo on top
of the login box and change the wallpaper (using gconf). Luckily it
makes use of the default wallpaper so this is not really necessary.

> - kdm

KDM is not that hard, KSplash makes use of the ksplashx engine. Going
to dig into that.

> - bootup (now rhgb, then plymouth)

RHEL ships a cool circle theme which we could just use. It's GPL'ed so
we only need to replace the logos

> - backgrounds

>From my observation the wallpapers are part of a package called
redhat-logos. It contains most of the brands and icons, too. Should we
perhaps split the wallpapers into a separate package?

> - anaconda graphics

Anaconda artwork changed a bit. It now has a top bar. This might be
the hardest part.

> - install slides (no idea if those are still supported *or* needed)

no, just one static screen

> - grub screen

Jup :) Going to draw something on a black bg to keep in line with the
black plymouth theme.

> - remove the hat from the start menu and replace it with a CentOS logo
> We don't have our own Gnome or KDE theme in regard to window decorations
> (afaics).

I am going to start packaging that stuff and put it somewhere you can
grab the srpms from.