[CentOS-devel] Artwork packages for CentOS 6

Thu Nov 11 22:05:19 UTC 2010
Ralph Angenendt <ralph.angenendt at gmail.com>

Am 10.11.10 22:22, schrieb Marcus Moeller:
>> - gdm
> GDM is no longer themable like in the past. I can place a logo on top
> of the login box and change the wallpaper (using gconf). Luckily it
> makes use of the default wallpaper so this is not really necessary.

Does that happen within an RPM? Not having had a chance to look at 6
that hard, we somehow need to remove anything Red Hat which is in there,
even after the machines booted first.

>> - kdm
> KDM is not that hard, KSplash makes use of the ksplashx engine. Going
> to dig into that.


>> - bootup (now rhgb, then plymouth)
> RHEL ships a cool circle theme which we could just use. It's GPL'ed so
> we only need to replace the logos

I could live with that, others?

>> - anaconda graphics
> Anaconda artwork changed a bit. It now has a top bar. This might be
> the hardest part.
>> - install slides (no idea if those are still supported *or* needed)
> no, just one static screen


> I am going to start packaging that stuff and put it somewhere you can
> grab the srpms from.

Thank you very much.