[CentOS-devel] glibc x86_64 vs. i686 file conflict when building from sources

Thu Nov 25 10:55:29 UTC 2010
Leonard den Ottolander <leonard at den.ottolander.nl>

Hello Sergio,

On Wed, 2010-11-24 at 10:23 +0100, Sergio Rubio wrote:
> Had a few issues building x86_64 gcc from upstream rhel6 sources also.
> I was building using a beta2 workstation install.

> I've shared them in case you are interested:

What I'm doing is a fun build, so thanks for the offer but I will
continue building this system by myself.

Building both glibc's in a mock root (with redhat-rpm-config) installed
resulted in two rpms that did not conflict with one another, so I could
continue building gcc in the updated mock root. The x86_64 version
compiled fine so far, going to start the i686 build in a minute. I
suppose my guess that the difference in check summing in the original
builds was the cause of my issue was right. At least it had something to
do with the macro setup as the absence of redhat-rpm-config was the only
difference in both build environments.


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