[CentOS-devel] Brief status update, please?

Karanbir Singh

mail-lists at karan.org
Mon Apr 4 13:29:06 UTC 2011


On 04/04/2011 01:40 PM, Matthew Miller wrote:
> I checked the web forum in case there was something new there, and there
> doesn't appear to be. It's been a couple of weeks without news. Thanks.

External mirrors should start seeing the 5.6 tree about now, along with 
updates etc. I hope to have torrents up later today and perhaps release 
announcement from there. We have cleaned up the msync stuff quite a bit 
since 5.4 days, so hopefully we can repeat the 5.5 release process where 
we got external mirrors sync'd in under 24 hrs.

On the other hand, we have had over 200 new mirrors since 5.5 release! 
So lets see how that pans out.

re: 6, I'm still saying 2 - 3 weeks from 5.6 Announcement. In more 
tangible terms : short of 60 pkgs, 6.0 is all done. But keep in mind 
this is the distro 'tree', much fun to be had after that with anaconda, 
mirror setups, yum policies etc. ( so if anyone has kickstarts, test 
scripts : specially for  acceptance and integration; do share ).

- KB

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